From when you first walk in the door, you get the sense that it is "home". A non-institutional environment, with exceptional care. Each resident is viewed as an 'individual', and as such their needs are met at their respective level. The staff is excellent: friendly, caring, and loving. To take it to a personal level, my Mom has been at Watson House for nearly four years. She is extremely content at Watson House – feels safe, well cared for, and “feels the love”. I like the fact that it’s not “big business”, but a place where you know the owners, and have constant interaction with the administrator and the staff. The administrator is a Registered Nurse, who sets high standards for her staff, and is someone the residents look up to. She constantly assesses the resident’s needs, whether it is medical attention or daily living issues. Each and every call she has ever made relative to my Mother’s needs/care has been right on. Not only is Mom very content at Watson House, but our entire family has peace of mind that all is well, and there isn’t a better place on earth for her to be. When the time comes, it is the "right place" for anyone in need of such care!
— P. Gagliardi